Reliability Laboratory

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GuvLab –Service Project, started in 2010, aiming to meet the requirements of entities on reliability test, inspection and analysis regarding international standards.

Within the project, all the environmental and accelerated tests, electronic product inspection, reliability and analysis services are performed using most recent technology in terms of equipment and software by expert team.

Environmental Test Facilities

5. Temperature Control Cabinet

1. Thermal Vacuum Test Chamber

Desing Environmental Delta 990T

Angelantoni Industrie SpA HVT2100

Temperature range -40°C ~ +180°C

Interior Dimensions Ø 1500 × 1200 mm

Usable interior dimensions 950 × 1050 × 950 mm

Temperature Range -70°C ~ +125°C with rate of 3°C/min

Electronical Product Inspection Facility

Vacuum level 3x10-7 mbar in 2 hours

1. Stereo Microscope

RGA with 0-100 amu

Leica Microsystems MZ16

2. Titreşim ve Mekanik Şok Test Sistemi

Magnification range 7.1X ~ 115X and Magnification by hand (16:1)

ETS Solutions M544 (shaker) ve LMS Test.Lab (controller)

2. Thermal Camera Inspection

Max. force 5000 kgf (sine & random) ve 10000 kgf (shock)

FLIR Systems Thermovision A20M

Usable frequency range DC~2700 Hz, 40 channels

Measurement range -20°C ~ +110°C

Max. displacement  51 mm, velocity 2 m/s and acc. 980 m/s²

3. X Ray Inspection

Max. static test load 800 kg


3. Thermal Shock Cabinet

Magnification 1200X and sensing capacity 0.95 micron

Angelantoni Industrie SpA CST130 / 2T SPINNER

Ability to look up to 70° and ability to rotate 360° capacity

Upper cabinet temperature range +70°C ~ +220°C

4. Optical BGA Inspection

Lower cabinet temperature range -60°C ~ +80°C

5. Acoustic Microscope Inspection

Usable interior dimensions 425 × 614 × 500 mm


Maximum static test mass/volume 35 kg and 130 liter

6. Microsection Inspection

4. Temperature and Humidity Control Cabinet

Buehler IsoMet 1000 Prec.Saw ve Beta Grinder-Polisher

Angelantoni Industrie SpA CH 250 C15 ESS

Analysis Abilities

Temperature range -70°C ~ +180°C

1. Reliability Analysis

Minimum temperature rate ±15°C/min

Reliasoft 3.1.1

Relative Humidity Range %10~98

2. Failure Analysis (FMECA & MTBF)

Usable interior dimensions 700 × 600 × 600 mm

3. Worst Case Analysis

Maximum static test mass 50 kg

4. Orbital Radiation Analysis


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