Satellite Technologies

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TUBITAK UZAY, involved in satellite production since 2002, has acquired the capability and developed the facilities to be able to produce satellite systems.

All structural, thermal and optical analyses, design, production, assembly and tests of satellite systems are  made at TUBITAK UZAY. Additionally, many research studies in foreseen critical areas are being made for future space projects . Production methods, material technologies, test and measurement techniques, spaceborne mechanisms and self deployable structures are among these research areas.

The necessary capabilities for design, analysis, production and verification phases of Satellite Attitude and Orbit Determination and Control Subsystem (orbit propagators and estimators, attitude estimators and controllers, real time software development infrastructure, system design infrastructure) have been established. In addition, the necessary capabilities for design, analysis, production and verification of the relevant hardware (reaction wheel, star tracker, magnetometer, etc.) have also been acquired. Systems engineering as well as mission analysis and design activities for various projects and satellites for different missions and altitudes are carried out by the satellite systems engineering team.

The facilities of the institute support not only the activities in space and satellite related activities but also activities in other areas mentioned above and interdisciplinary areas.