Gokturk-2 Satellite: 6 Years of Succes in Orbit

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Turkey’s first indigenously developed high resolution reconnaissance satellite Göktürk-2, has completed its 6 years in space as of 18 December 2018.

GÖKTÜRK-2, built by TÜBİTAK UZAY and TUSAŞ partnership, sends images with 2.5 meters spatial resolution from around the world to Ahlatlıbel Ground Station of The Air Force Command.

GÖKTÜRK-2 meets the satellite image needs of Turkish Armed Forces and other governmental institutions and organizations. It also provided the opportunity to grow expert human power and the development of technology and infrastructure in the field of space technologies.

GÖKTÜRK-2 sends images captured over Turkey and its vicinity to the ground station in Ankara, instantly. At a distance of 660 kilometers from the ground, the satellite is set at sun-synchronous orbit and can take images from any point in the world.

GÖKTÜRK-2 completes an orbit every 98 minutes and in each orbit it passes once in the North and South polar regions.