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In USTAR Project, RF Module which is a sub-unit of RF Front-End of X-Band Satellite Manpack Terminal is designed and manufactured. This RF Module receives and amplifies very low X-Band signals (7250-7750 MHz) and converts to L-Band (950-1450 MHz). Signals received from the other port of the module in L-Band (950-1450 MHz) are converted to X-Band (7900-8400 MHz) and amplified.

RF Receiver Unit

At least 50 dB dynamic range (-137dBm -85 dBm

Gain at 25°C is at least 85 dB


Project Name : Satellite Image Processing and Geoportal Development Project 

Acronym : GEOPORTAL 

Project Type : Ministry of Development Research Project 

Start Date : 01/15/2013

The RASAT satellite, entirely Turkish designed and built by the TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute, has been successfully fulfilling its mission in space since August 17, 2011.


This project aims to study development of precision agriculture practice in GAP region. Multi-spectral satellite imagery and aerial hyperspectral data along with ground measurements will be collected to analyze data in an information system. Project will study feasibility of precision agriculture application in a pilot area.


With the Hall Effect Thruster Development Project (HALE), Turkey will have the first facility for research and development of electric propulsion systems. The facility will be established at TÜBİTAK UZAY premises by the support of Turkish Development Ministry.  Future propulsion systems developed at this facility aim to meet the in-space propulsion needs of national missions in the short and long term.

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