Veri ve Görüntü

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KAVTAN Project is developed between 2008 and 2011. The main aim of KAVTAN Project is to improve RTÜK SKAAS System with the capability of automatic audio-visual concept recognition.



In surveillance systems, automatic analysis of audio-visual data is a crucial requirement. The main aim of AGS Project is to apply our concept recognition knowledge-base and software framework to surveillance systems.


Absolute Radiometric Calibration at Tuz Gölü

Turkish satellites (RASAT, Göktürk-1, Göktürk-2), the calibration and verification of infrastructure and personnel to perform their work in our country is to Salt lake.

Critical issues are as the following:


RTUK SKAAS Project is developed between 2006 and 2008. The main aim of RTUK SKAAS Project is to establish a digital recording, arhiving and analysis system for Radio Television Supreme Council of Turkey.
TUBITAK UZAY developed the analysis modules of RTUK SKAAS System. There are 6 analysis modules that aim to facilitate the work of the operators.


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