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Absolute Radiometric Calibration at Tuz Gölü

Turkish satellites (RASAT, Göktürk-1, Göktürk-2), the calibration and verification of infrastructure and personnel to perform their work in our country is to Salt lake.

Critical issues are as the following:

  1. Determine an appropriate calibration test site for the calibration and validation of Turkish satellites (RASAT, Göktürk-1, Göktürk-2) ,
  2. Define Tuz Gölü as an internationally recognized absolute radiometric calibration test site by the Cal/Val community,
  3. Establish infrastructure and train staff for radiometric calibration.

In this context got involved as a subcontractor to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the ESA sponsored Comparisons to Maintain Traceability for Optical Sensors In Cal / Val (CONTROLS) project. The suitability of Tuz Gölü for low / medium / high resolution satellite sensors calibration and/or validation was verified by CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) WGCV (Working Group on Calibration & Validation) due to the result of the measurement and analysis of the project and Tuz Gölü has been one of the 8 worldwide LANDNET sites.