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Project Name : Satellite Image Processing and Geoportal Development Project 

Acronym : GEOPORTAL 

Project Type : Ministry of Development Research Project 

Start Date : 01/15/2013

The RASAT satellite, entirely Turkish designed and built by the TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute, has been successfully fulfilling its mission in space since August 17, 2011.

Under the auspices of the “Satellite Image Processing and Geoportal Development Project” funded by the Ministry of Development, the

• Geometric calibration,

• Absolute and relative radiometric calibration,

• Mosaic imagery, and

• Access via a web interface (geoportal), complete with underlying database, meta data, catalogue, and search capabilities,

of the raw satellite imagery acquired from the RASAT satellite is provided as a service to end users.

On 24 January, 2014, the GEOPORTAL project has also achieved certification at CMMI Level 3, the most widely implemented process improvement approach in the world.

RASAT, capable of acquiring 7.5 meter resolution black and white imagery as well as 15 meter resolution color RGB imagery from any place on the world, sends the imagery it takes to the TUBITAK UZAY ground station located in Ankara, Turkey. The images downlinked to the ground station are then processed with automatic image processing software developed by TUBITAK UZAY engineers before being provided to the users at multiple data levels.


Through the GEOPORTAL Project supported by the Ministry of Development, TUBITAK UZAY has developed the GEZGİN Portal to facilitate sharing of earth observation satellite imagery over the internet. The raw imagery obtained from the RASAT satellite are uploaded to the GEZGIN portal ( after geometric and radiometric correction followed by coordinate registration.



First National Satellite Imagery Portal– GEZGIN Portal

Turkish citizens may download desired RASAT imagery free of charge, as well as request acquisition of new imagery, through the e-Devlet web interface.

RASAT imageries are free of charge via e-Devlet

Turkish citizens connecting to the GEZGIN Portal via the e-Devlet interface can download all RASAT imagery taken since 2012 free of charge.

Through the GEZGIN Portal, desired imagery may be easily downloaded by searching through defined borders, place name, coordinates, or properties listed in an uploaded document.


L1 Radiometric Corrected Image 
L1R Band Registered Image
L1RB Cloud Flares Removed Image
L2 Georeferenced Image
L3 Orthorectified Image
Pansharp Pansharpened and enhanced image











Through loging into the system, the mosaic of Turkey made from RASAT imagery may be downloaded in different formats and sizes.

The images obtained from RASAT may be used in applications relating to mapping, disaster monitoring, agriculture, environmental monitoring, as well as urban development and planning. To promote the use of RASAT imagery as a national resource, as opposed to imagery obtained from foreign satellites, TUBITAK UZAY is engaged in joint work with public organizations, universities and the private sector. Satellite imagery is provided to many public offices and public organizations and institutes, including the Disaster and Emergency Relief Agency, Turkish Petroleum Corportation, and General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration.


For questions related to WMS, WMTS, WFS services pleace contact RASAT imagery may be followed through the GEZGİN blog.