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In USTAR Project, RF Module which is a sub-unit of RF Front-End of X-Band Satellite Manpack Terminal is designed and manufactured. This RF Module receives and amplifies very low X-Band signals (7250-7750 MHz) and converts to L-Band (950-1450 MHz). Signals received from the other port of the module in L-Band (950-1450 MHz) are converted to X-Band (7900-8400 MHz) and amplified.

RF Receiver Unit

At least 50 dB dynamic range (-137dBm -85 dBm

Gain at 25°C is at least 85 dB

Noise Figure at 25°C is typically 2.7 dB (max. 2.9 dB)

No distortion in receiver band for 7900-8400 MHz transmission band of +20 dBm

RF Transmitter Unit

Linear Gain is 45±5 dB

Saturated RF Output Power (Psat) at 25°C is +37 dBm

RF Output Power at 1 dB compression point (P1 dB) is 35 dBm

RF Noise output power at receiver band <-130 dBm/Hz

M&C-Network Key Unit

M&C Unit can be monitored/controlled with SNMP v3 terminals

Monitor and control of RF Module failure and voltage level

Ethernet Network Key supports, 4 number of 10/100M port

Total Power Consumption <40 W

Total Weight <2.5 kg