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GOKTURK 2 is a project to develope; one satellite that can capture 2.5 m resolution images and one groundstation that is capable of downloading, processing images and telecommand, telemetry operations of the satellite in order to overcome  the satellite image needs of the Turkish Armed Forces , other public institutions and organizations.


686 km circular, sun synchronous

Life Time

5 years


409 kg

Image Resolution

PAN 2.5 m MSI 5 m

Maximum Image Strip Length

640 km

Image Frame Size

20 km x 20 km

Revisit Time

Ave.  2.5 days  max  5 days

Image Storage Capacity

45 frames (with lossless compression)

Pointing Accuracy

<1 km

Geolocation Accuracy 

<1 km

Wide Area Image Size

100 km x 34 km

Stereo Image Size

100 km x 20 km

Image Download Rate

100 Mbit/s