Satellite Subsystems and Units

Since 2002, TÜBİTAK UZAY has been continuously increasing its competencies in the production of satellite subsystems with products that have proven themselves and have a space history. In order to ensure the continuity of the production of turnkey satellite systems that support Türkiye's security and development needs, the know-how, human resources and infrastructure in the field of subsystems are maintained and developed.

Optical Systems

optical systems img 1

High-resolution electro-optical satellite cameras are being developed to meet the need for near-orbit imaging.

Communication Systems

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Communication equipment that allows satellites and spacecraft to communicate with the ground and communication systems specific to the needs of the defense industry are being developed. Thanks to the modular design approach, adaptation can be made according to the different needs of space platforms.

Power Systems

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Power Regulation Units and Power Distribution Units are being developed for use in satellites and spacecraft. These units have a power handling capacity in the range of 10 kW and 2 kW, 28 V unregulated and 100 V regulated, and are used in satellite platforms operating in near-earth and geosynchronous orbits.

On Board Computer and Flight Software

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Powerful and reliable On Board Computers and Flight Software compatible for different orbits are being developed. Thanks to the highly reliable LEON3 processor architecture and modular equipment structure, adaptation for different platforms is possible.

Electric Propulsion System and Engine


At the end of 2018, Türkiye's first satellite propulsion system (the engine system that provides the satellite with the ability to move in the space environment) development laboratory was established in the HALE Project, and Türkiye's first electric propulsion system was developed with all its equipment within the scope of this project.

The 1,500 W Hall Effect Propulsion Engine, Cathode, Fuel Supply Unit, Power Processing and Control Unit were indigenously designed, manufactured and tested in the established laboratories, and space qualification was completed. This system will be used experimentally on the TÜRKSAT 6A satellite and will become historical.

In addition, as a continuation of the first system developed within the scope of the HALE Project, the production of a second electric propulsion system for use in our earth observation satellites has been initiated. The fact that electric propulsion systems, which are considered to be the technology of the future in the field of satellite propulsion systems, can be produced domestically has minimised Türkiye's foreign dependence in this field.

Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem

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Star Trackers, Reaction Wheels, Solar Sensors and Global Positioning Equipment compatible with different orbits are being developed.

Interface Electronics

interface units img 1
Electronic interface units are being developed to provide communication for electronic units that do not have a direct interface with the flight computer. These units are used in satellite platforms operating in near-earth and geosynchronous orbits.