On Board Computer and Flight Software


Satellite Management Unit

SMU is a robust, reliable and powerful flight computer compatible with different space orbits. Because of high reliable LEON3 processor architecture and modular structure of SMU it can be adapted to different space platform needs.

SMU provides the following features to the satellite flight segment:

  • Processing resources for the flight mission software
  • TM-TC services and interfaces with the RF communication chain
  • Controlling and Monitoring of satellite equipment through redundant databusses based on MIL-STD-1553B or CAN
  • Discrete commanding and monitoring interfaces compatible with ECSS-E-ST-50-14C
  • Time synchronization and distribution
  • Failure tolerant architecture based on redundancy and hardware protection
satellite management equipment img 1

SMU Features

Key Features

  • Dual Core, High Reliable LEON3FT Based Microprocessor
  • RTEMS Real Time Operating System
  • CCSDS and ESCC Compatible TM-TC
  • Bootloader, Drivers and Board Support Packages, Flight Software (including AOCS software)
  • 8 MB SRAM, 256 MB SDRAM, 2 MB PROM (All ECC protected)

Hardware FDIR Features

  • Over Current Protected Secondary Power Switches
  • Auto Reset Functionality for Power Switches after Current Protection
  • Soft Start Feature
  • Warm Redundant Processing Units (with SpaceWire communication)
  • High Reliable System Controller
  • Real Time Clocks (EMXO) with Cross Strapping
  • Internal Temperature Monitoring
  • Internal Current and Voltage Monitoring
  • Redundant Internal Databus


Supply 28V nominal (15V to 50V input voltage range)
Power: 38W (nominal)
Dimension: 293 mm x 279 mm x 294 mm (W x L x H)
Weight 12.7kg


2 x 3 TC Input (RS-422), 2 x 3 TM Output (RS-422) 
4 + 4 System Alarm (RS-422)
2 x 2 MIL-STD-1553 2 x 4 CAN
2 x 2 UART (RS-422)
2 x 1 JTAG
Synchronization :
2 x 2 PPS In (RS-422)
2 x 6 Sync Out (RS-422)
HV-HPC 2 x 16
LPC 2 x 10
ASM 2 x 18
TSM1 2 x 128
TSM2 2 x 33
BSM/BDM 2 x 16

Heritage / Platforms


Environments / Reliability

Thermal:-20 to +50 C
Lifetime: 5 to 15 years
SEU tolerant
Latchup Immune