Communication Systems

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Communication Systems Group has been designing RF (radio frequency) and microwave passive and active circuits, antennas and communication specific baseband. The capabilities of this group includes designing antennas for communication systems of spacecraft and aircraft, assessment of the antenna performance via simulations based on platform models, RF and microwave circuit design, production  and test for the LEO satellites, design and production of fast receiver-transmitter systems, design, modeling, manufacturing and test of the systems that conduct communication specific baseband operations (such as modulation/demodulation, filtering using different methods).

Current capabilities in electronic design are being improved for specialising in developing new subsystems that are planned to be used for new generation satellite systems. In addition, studies have been carried out to improve the systems that constitute subsystems of satellites such as 2.5 meter-resolution optical satellite camera, new generation satellite power system, scientific payloads for  measuring radiation, satellite mission computers, subsystems that use new generation buses such as Spacewire and MilSTD-1553, image processing and compressing systems, high data rate receiver-transmitter systems, attitude determination and control components.