Production Facility

TÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research Institute has a modern and well-equipped infrastructure to carry out advanced research and production activities in the field of space technologies. Our Institute carries out various projects and studies to develop Türkiye's space industry and to produce internationally competitive products.

SMD Pick and Place Machine


TÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research Institute, which operates in the field of space technologies, performs the assembly of electronic components with an advanced technology SMD (Surface-Mount Device) typesetting device that offers high precision and speed. This device plays a critical role in the production of satellite electronic systems, space research devices and components requiring high reliability.

PCB Cleaning Machine


PCB washing machine used in space projects completely removes dirt, flux and other residues on electronic boards. This machine is equipped with high pressure water spraying, ultrasonic cleaning and hot air drying features. Thus, it ensures long life and reliability of sensitive space components. Working in accordance with quality management standards, our PCB washing machine guarantees cleanliness and reliability, which are critical in space technologies.

Screen Printer


The screen printer machine used in space projects is used to apply solder paste to printed circuit boards (PCB). High precision screen printing technology enables the production of finely detailed circuits. They are equipped with automatic alignment, print quality control and fast printing features. This machine ensures reliable and accurate assembly of space components, guaranteeing quality and performance.

Vapour Phase


The vacuum oven used in space projects enables precise heat treatment of components and materials in the absence of air. The vacuum environment prevents oxidation and ensures homogeneous heat distribution at high temperatures. This oven increases the reliability and durability of space components that require heat treatment, thus guaranteeing high performance and long life.

Selective Soldering


Selective soldering devices used in space projects enable precise and automatic soldering of specific components and areas. This device applies solder only to the required areas with high precision soldering process, reducing thermal stress and error risk. By increasing the reliability and performance of space components, it offers soldering processes that comply with quality standards.

Contamination Tester


Contamination testers used in space projects detect microscopic contaminants on electronic components and surfaces. It measures contamination levels with precise analysis methods and verifies the effectiveness of cleaning processes. This high-precision tester ensures the reliability and performance of space components.

Smart Storage Systems

Intelligent storage devices used in space projects provide organized and secure storage of components and materials. These devices are equipped with automatic inventory management, traceability and quick access features. Smart storage solutions increase efficiency in material management and contribute to the success of space projects by reducing errors.

Humidity Cabinet Systems

Humidity cabinet devices used in space projects are specially designed to prevent electronic components from being affected by moisture and humidity. These devices ensure that components are stored and protected at optimum humidity levels by providing precise humidity control. By increasing the durability and performance of space components, it contributes to the production of long-lasting and reliable products.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging devices used in the aerospace field help to pack sensitive electronic components and equipment properly for space missions. These devices create an airtight environment under vacuum, ensuring long-term durability and reliability of components and equipment.

Manuel Soldering Line


The devices used in space for the hand soldering process are important for the assembly and maintenance of electronic components inside spacecraft. These devices are designed in accordance with the special requirements in the space environment. Here are some of these devices:

  • Soldering Stations: They are the basic devices used in the assembly of electronic components inside the spacecraft. These stations, which require high precision, consist of soldering pens and provide temperature control. Soldering stations in space should generally be portable and compact.
  • Hot Air Guns: It is another device used in the soldering process. It is used for soldering and assembly of electronic components inside the spacecraft. Hot air guns perform the soldering process by blowing air at a certain temperature.
  • Soldering Materials: Specially formulated solders and solder pastes are used for soldering operations in space. These materials are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the space environment and provide high performance.

Harness Infrastructure


The devices used in cabling production are tools that facilitate the production of cables that provide electricity and data transmission. The cabling production devices used in space are designed to meet the special requirements for spacecraft. Some of these devices are as follows:

  • Cable Cutter and Striper: Cable cutters and stripers allow cables to be cut and insulated at desired lengths. The models used in space are special devices that can make precise cuts and carefully remove the insulation.
  • Cable Connector Assembly Machines: These machines are used to mount cable connectors to the ends of cables. The models used in space can work with high precision and provide reliable connections.
  • Cable Compressors: Cable crimpers are used to securely fasten cable connections. Models used in the space environment are made of durable materials and provide long-term reliability.
  • Cable Testers: Cable testers are used to test the accuracy and reliability of manufactured cables. Models used in space are designed and manufactured in accordance with strict testing standards.

Chemical Application Infrastructure


TÜBİTAK UZAY performs conformal coating and staking operations. Conformal coating is the process of coating electronic circuits with a special coating material to protect them against environmental factors. Staking, on the other hand, is the process of fixing the components using adhesives to prevent them from shifting. These processes are critical to increase the reliability of electronic equipment in space missions.