Integration and Test Facilities

TÜBİTAK Space Test and Integration Infrastructure is a facility established by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) for the testing and integration of projects developed in the field of space technologies. This infrastructure enables various tests to be conducted to verify the reliability and performance of space vehicles and components. These infrastructures provide testing services to meet the needs of the space and defense industry ecosystem.

Environmental Tests

It is used to test the resistance of spacecraft to conditions such as temperature, pressure and vibration that they will encounter in the space environment. Various environmental tests such as thermal vacuum tests, vibration tests and acoustic tests are performed.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests (EMC)

It tests the interaction of spacecraft with electromagnetic waves and their compatibility with other electronic systems. This is important to prevent the vehicles from interfering with other systems during the mission.

Assembly and Integration


Assembly and integration activities are performed at equipment, subsystem and system level. Equipment and systems designed to operate in space are assembled into a final product through processes that meet operating conditions.

Thermal Vacuum Test Facilities


TÜBİTAK UZAY Thermal Vacuum Test Infrastructures simulate the thermal and vacuum conditions of space, which are necessary to verify the design and flight readiness of satellite equipment. The test infrastructures have a comprehensive capability to meet the test requirements of equipment and subsystems. These infrastructures are used for development, engineering evaluation and qualification testing of satellite equipment.

Vibration Test Infrastructure


The Vibration Test Facility simulates the static, dynamic and acoustic loads that satellites and equipment will be subjected to during launch and verifies their resistance to these loads.

Pyroshock Test Facility


The Pyroshock Test Facility simulates the shock conditions to which the satellite and its subsystems and equipment will be exposed during the separation of the satellite from the launcher, solar panels, antenna deployment and other pyrotechnical activities, and verifies their resistance to these conditions.

EMI/EMC Test Infrastructure

EMI/EMC tests required according to the latest version of MIL-STD 461 standard are performed on the space equipment under development.