Inspection Facility

Inspection infrastructure established within the TÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research Institute is used for both component quality control and qualification of the design and workmanship of satellite systems and equipment developed by the Institute.

Thermal Camera Reviews


Thermal camera images helps to inspect PCBs by detecting the defective component via monitoring the thermal values of the components on the PCB after environmental tests.

Micro-Section Inspection

It is a destructive inspection method that allows detailed visual inspection of internal structural defect occurrences and dimentional measurement of the micro-section of the defective region from mounted or empty PCB.

X-Ray Inspections


X-ray imaging technique is used to examine the internal metallic structures of the circuit elements and the PCB solder connection structures made with the reflow technique.

Using the X-ray technique allows:

  • BGA solder connection evaluations
  • Control of Metallic Lines,
  • Chip wire connection confirmation,
  • Evaluation of through hole and solder fill checks by non-destructive testing.

Visual Inspection


The compatibility of the printed circuit boards and solder connections is evaluated with the Stereo Microscope (1-2). It provides:

  • Empty RAC evaluations (3)
  • Evaluation of solder joints (4-5)
  • Micro-section evaluations (6)
  • Monitoring of error analysis processes with stereo microscope