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TUBITAK popular science journals, which have been pioneers in popular science publishing for half a century, are entering 2018 with a brand new subscription campaign.

TÜBİTAK's Science and Technique (ages 15 and above), Bilim Çocuk (ages 7-12) and Meraklı Minik (ages 3-7) magazines are published with the aim of pioneering a culture of science and technology in society, introducing people of all ages to science, making them love science, and presenting scientific and technological innovations and developments in an understandable language.

TUBITAK popular science journals are now available at a lower price and with free shipping!

The last price increase for magazines was in 2012. In 2018, the monthly retail price of the magazines will be 7 TL for Bilim ve Teknik and 6 TL for Bilim Çocuk and Meraklı Minik.

Within the scope of the subscription campaign, the annual subscription of Bilim ve Teknik magazine will be 60 TL instead of 84 TL, and the annual subscription of Bilim Çocuk and Meraklı Minik magazines will be 50 TL instead of 72 TL. You can also subscribe to our magazines with double and triple campaigns. The annual subscription fee for any two magazines will be 90 TL, and the annual subscription fee for three magazines will be 130 TL. Moreover, shipping will be free of charge.

To benefit from the new subscription campaign for TÜBİTAK popular science journals You can visit the address.

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