Turkey's First Domestic Ground Station Project is Realized at TÜBİTAK UZAY...

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TÜBİTAK UZAY has broken new ground with the National Ground Station Development Project (MİYEG), which will be carried out to develop a national ground station for earth observation satellites and meet the ground station needs of all earth observation satellites planned to be launched in the coming years.

The opening meeting of the National Ground Station Development Project (MİYEG), which is of great importance for our country, was held on February 18, 2015 at TÜBİTAK UZAY Conference Hall. The ceremony, which was also attended by Prof. Dr. Abdullah Çavuşoğlu, Vice President of TÜBİTAK, started with the opening speech of Dr. Lokman Kuzu, Director of the Institute, and a presentation introducing TÜBİTAK UZAY. Özgür Kadir Özer, Head of the Research, Development and Entrepreneurship Department of the Ministry of Development, and Eng. Col. Hayri Özden made evaluations on the importance of the project.

Project Manager Hacı Mehmet Özçelebi made a project presentation explaining the importance of the project for our country and what is expected from the project and answered the questions of the participants regarding the project.

The MİYEG Project will be carried out by TÜBİTAK UZAY with the coordination of the Ministry of National Defense R&D and Technology Department and with the encouragement of the Ministry of Development.

TÜBİTAK UZAY has significant experience and infrastructure in the fields of satellite-space and ground station with the projects it has realized from past to present. The Institute will transfer this experience and infrastructure to the MİYEG Project. The project aims to design, manufacture, test and integrate more ground station systems with indigenous capabilities. These targets will be realized under the leadership of TÜBİTAK UZAY and by local subcontractor industrial organizations. Within the scope of the project, a ground station system capable of communicating in X and S bands will be developed.

The project, which consists of feed, reflector and frequency selector surface, motion system, ground station control system (station and antenna control system), communication, imaging system and related modules and software, is expected to be completed in 2019.

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