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​The Consortium envisioned solution is GAMALINK, a two-year Project starting in January 2013, funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Programme and presenting an overall budget of nearly 2 million Euros.

A European Consortium of 6 institutions, with complementary experience in terrestrial communications and space technologies, proposes an innovative solution targeting low-cost standardised small satellite platforms.

GAMALINK’s main goal is to create a novel solution for Inter Satellite Links (ISLs) based on Software-Defined Radio technology, capable of supporting GPS receiving capabilities, mobile ad hoc networking algorithms and radio-based attitude determination. Targeting nano- and pico-satellite platforms, the GAMALINK design will consider CubeSat constraints and req uirements as it offers a breakthrough integrated solution for communications, attitude and orbit control purposes.

GAMALINK will certainly contribute to the qualification effort of the space engineers and researchers workforce, as it addresses the applicability of a wide range of terrestrial technologies in Space, in an attempt to leverage their technology maturity levels.

Develop a multifunctional communications platform, based on Software - Defined Radio (SDR) for the small satellite market;

• CubeSat driven

• ISL (ad hoc networking)


• Attitude determination

• Ranging

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