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GÖKTÜRK-2 meets the satellite image needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and other governmental institutions and organizations. Göktürk-2 provided the opportunity to grow expert human power and to develop technology and infrastructure in the field of space.

At a distance of 686 kilometers from the ground, the satellite is set at sun-synchronous orbit and can take images from any point in the world. The satellite takes a turn around the earth every 98 minutes and every turn passes once in the North and South polar regions.


686 km circular, sun synchronous

Life Time

5 years


409 kg

Image Resolution

PAN 2.5 m MSI 5 m

Maximum Image Strip Length

640 km

Image Frame Size

20 km x 20 km

Revisit Time

Ave.  2.5 days  max  5 days

Image Storage Capacity

45 frames (with lossless compression)

Pointing Accuracy

<1 km

Geolocation Accuracy 

<1 km

Wide Area Image Size

100 km x 34 km

Stereo Image Size

100 km x 20 km

Image Download Rate

100 Mbit/s