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First micro satellite designed and built in Turkey: RASAT 

RASAT is the second earth observation satellite after the launch of Turkey’s first earth observation satellite BiLSAT of TÜBİTAK UZAY. RASAT, having a high-resolution optical imaging system and new modules developed by Turkish engineers, is the first Earth-observation satellite designed and manufactured in Turkey.


IMAGING   Mass 94 kg

Altitude 700 km

Attitude Control 3-axis stabilized control

Orbit SSO-LTDN 10:30

Orbital Period 98.8 minutes

Spatial Resolution     PAN 7.5 m

                               RGB: 15 m

Swath Width 30 km

Mission Duration 3 years

Spectral Resolution (nm)      420 – 730 (PAN)

                              1. Band:420 -550 (Blue)

                              2. Band: 550 - 580 (Green)

                              3. Band: 580 - 730(Red)

Temporal Resolution 4 days

Payloads  New generation flight computer (BiLGE)

X-Band Transmitter Module (TREX)

Real-time image processing module (GEZGiN-2)

Launcd Date  17 August 2011