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First National Earth Observation Satellite

RASAT earth observation satellite is the second remote sensing satellite of TÜBİTAK SPACE Technologies Research Institute after BiLSAT satellite. RASAT which is the first Earth-observation satellite designed and manufactured in Turkey was launched from Russia on Aug. 17, 2011. This project was realized with the support of the Ministry of Development.

RASAT satellite, which is still successfully capturing images, is located at 700 km altitude with sun-synchronous circular orbit. RASAT has a pushbroom camera with a spatial resolution of 7.5m PAN and 15 m MSI.

RASAT satellite is 3-axis stabilized and its average re-visit time is 4 days. Each frame image of RASAT cover 30 km X 30 km.

Thanks to RASAT's orbit, images can be taken from anywhere in the World.

Orbit 687 km circular
Service Life   3+ years
Imaging Area (1 frame)      30 km X 30 km
Mass 93 kg  
Spatial Resolution   PAN 15 m - MSI 7.5 m
Launch Date 17 August 2011