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Satellite and Satellite Subsystems Development Program

IMECE Program consists of two main projects:

1) IMECE Satellite Subsystems Development Project and 2) IMECE Satellite Platform Development Project. 

Based on the heritage and expertise acquired in BİLSAT, RASAT and GÖKTÜRK-2 Projects, IMECE is set to satisfy future sub-meter resolution needs of Turkey as well as to build related infrastructure and capability domestically.

IMECE Satellite Subsystems Development Project was started in 2013 with funding from The Ministry of Development in coordination with The Minister of Defence. This projects composed of several sub-systems such as Electro-Optical Satellite Camera, Communication System, Star Tracker, Sun Sensor, Hall Effect Thruster System, Reaction Wheel, Payload Data Storage, Compression and Formatting Unit, and Next Generation Onboard Computer.

IMECE Satellite Platform Development Project was started in 2017 with funding from TÜBİTAK.