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The Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) was established in 2005 with the aim of establishing cooperation in the field of space in the Asia-Pacific Region, contributing to the development of new technologies, ensuring the use of outer space for peaceful purposes and enabling mutual exchange of scientific information in the field of space. Turkey became a member of APSCO on July 25, 2011.

The APSCO High School Students Space Contest (APSCO Youth Space Contest 2017) is organized by the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) headquartered in China, of which Turkey is a member. The language of the competition, which will be organized among high school students from APSCO member countries, is English.

The theme of the competition is "Our Future Home: Space", the aim of the competition is to increase the interest of young people in APSCO member states in space science and technologies, to increase the awareness of APSCO and to promote communication and cooperation among young people in member states.

In this context, the students who will participate in the competition from your school are required to prepare their works to be submitted to the competition in the format and specifications specified below and submit them to our Institute through your school management until 12:00 on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Conditions of participation and content of the competition:

- The contest is for high school students between the ages of 15-19.
- Participants can participate in the competition in any format they wish (video, painting, handicraft, model, writing, etc.).
- The description of the submission to be included in the competition should be prepared in less than 1000 words and submitted by e-mail in electronic format together with the application form.
- All submissions must be in English.
- Videos and other visuals to be used in the presentation should be in high resolution, photos and videos should be prepared in JPG, MPG and MP4 formats, and the maximum duration should be less than five minutes.
- The student who will participate in the competition must be fluent enough in English to be able to present his/her work.
- Each contestant is entitled to only one entry.
- Applications will be evaluated and finalized by APSCO and Chinese Society of Astronautics at the end of July 2017. APSCO will sponsor the 5 candidates selected as a result of the evaluation to fly to Beijing for the presentations they will make for the competition, their accommodation for a total of 6 nights and the organization of activities. Passport and visa fees are not included in the sponsorship and will be covered by the competitor.

Click here for detailed information about the announcement and conditions of participation: http://www.apsco.int/Annoucement.asp

Application Address :

METU Campus,
06800, Ankara / Turkey
Tel :  (0312) 210 13 10
Fax:  (0312) 210 13 15

Contact Person : Aysun Karaarslan

E-mail address : aysun.karaarslan@tubitak.gov.tr

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