Introduction to Satellite Design Training was given at Konya Science Center

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Introduction to Satellite Design training was given by TÜBİTAK UZAY Expert R&D team at Konya Science Center on March 15-16. The event, which was held with the participation of approximately 90 students, started with the opening speech of our Institute Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lokman Kuzu.

The trainings were provided by Suat Ontaç, Chief Researcher, Structural and Mechanical Design Group Leader; Altuğ Okan, Chief Researcher, Aerodynamic and Thermal Design Group Leader; Raşit Tutgun, Chief Researcher, Communication Systems Group Leader; and Onur Turhan, Chief Researcher, Real-Time Software Group Leader, Özgür Selimoğlu, Senior Researcher in the Optical Systems Group, Burak Yağlıoğlu, Senior Researcher in the Flight Control Group, Ferid Gülmehmet, Senior Researcher in the Orbit and Flight Control Group, and Ömer Ataş, Senior Researcher in the Orbit and Flight Control Group.

Within the scope of the Introduction to Satellite Design Training, space and satellite technologies: general concepts, mission analysis and design, system architecture, small and model satellites, payloads, orbit/orientation determination and control, satellite data acquisition, communication systems, satellite power systems, thermal control, structural and mechanical design. Tuba Çavuşoğlu from the Corporate Communication Group and Hazal Çepik Kiriş from the Training and Resource Management Group provided information at the TÜBİTAK UZAY promotional stand, where students also had the opportunity to closely examine satellite models.

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