NASA's Nagin Cox Presented at TUBITAK SPACE

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On April 24, 2013, Nagin Cox from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Mars Science Laboratory Flight Team gave a presentation titled 'From the 2004 Mars Exploration Rovers to MSL Curiosity', which was followed with great interest by our Institute staff. In the presentation, after introducing NASA and JPL, the exploration rovers Opportunity and Spirit, which were sent to Mars in 2003, when the planet Mars was closest to Earth, were mentioned. The exciting story of the Curiosity rover, which was launched on Earth in November 2011 in order to confirm the findings of the rovers sent to Mars by NASA and to make new discoveries, and which successfully landed on Mars in August 2012, was told about the sending of the Curiosity rover to Mars, its journey to Mars, its landing and the exciting story of the first message it sent from Mars. Nagin Cox noted that the rock samples analyzed by Curiosity confirmed that there was water on Mars in the past and stated that Curiosity's new goal is to go to Mount Sharp to investigate whether organic compounds existed on Mars in the past.

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