Satellite Ground Station Operations

Ground Station


The Ground Station is designed to communicate with satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) and performs several critical functions:

  • Data Reception and Transmission
  • Tracking and Control
  • Telemetry and Command
  • Data Processing and Storage
  • Timing and Synchronization
  • Recovery and Reconfiguration

The ground station is vital for the success of satellite operations and is used for operating the satellites developed within our Institute.

Mission Control Software


This software suite is designed for satellite control and mission operations from the ground. It is essential for every phase of a satellite's life cycle, starting from launch and continuing throughout its operational life. Operated from a mission control center, this software suite facilitates the planning of satellite missions and desired orbital maneuvers. Through connected ground stations, it enables communication with the satellite, monitors its health status, performs orbit adjustments, uploads mission plans, and downloads payload data upon mission completion. The satellite's orbit is determined using ground-based measurements or onboard data, which is then used for orbit propagation. Additionally, the downloaded payload data is processed, ensuring that mission outputs are ready for use.